Dades Gorge Morocco

dades gorge

A tiny small town surrounded by big walls carved over millions of years. It would be a humble experience to walk between the rocks. It attracts the rock climbers all over the world who want to ascend and discover these reddish and solid routes of limestones or coral reefs.
The area of Dades Gorge was under the sea millions of years ago. Movement of earth crust and deposition of coral reefs and sedimentary rocks causes the land to rise above the sea. There are many giant colored walls in gorges ranges from 700 to 1800 feet. Gorges are renowned in the world for their almond trees, groves and extensive production of roses in southern areas.


Dades Gorges are located in the eastern part of Morocco in Region of Atlas Mountains. It is present at a distance of a couple of hours from Merzouga which is a city mainly known for trips and Tinerhir which is a town known for abandoned castles and mud.


When you decided to visit Dades Gorges the feeling would be different. Gorge is a city known for its ancient alms and monuments as it attracts visitors from around the world to explore some new ideas that we in practice in the past. You’ll find a lot of information and learn about limestone’s, sedimentary rocks, coral reefs and many other ancient things evolved from the sea.


If you are not a rock climber, don’t worry. There are a lot of mountain trails where you can enjoy hiking. You can also explore ancient Berber villages where you can enjoy the stay with a cup of tea with nomads of gorges regions. Gorge loop hike is the best three-hour hike trail above the mountains in gorges. To get to this trailhead, you have to cross the Moroccan clothes and merchant stalls and arrive at the northern exit where you will start your trail.


Morocco is well known for its high peak rocky mountains extending up to High Atlas. Dades Gorge is one of the famous rock climbing destinations in Morocco. There are more than 400 climbing routes including good bolted ones and poor bolted too. It is an excellent place for beginners to learn how to climb. There are difficult climbing routes throughout. You can also rent rock climbing equipment from the entrance of gorge at the shops located in Tizgui village.


KSAR is an area between Tinerhir and Dades Gorges. You can explore different states of deterioration. It would be fun for visitors to explore old abandoned mud bricks castles. The castles or walls usually falls due to abandonment so be careful while visiting and wandering into the streets. Ksar Asfalou is another interesting architecture located on a huge cliff. It is the place where Jewish and Muslim students use to study under the same roof. A paved road 5 km road from Tinerhir to gorges takes you here.

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