Erg Chigaga Morocco

Erg Chigaga

erg Chigaga is the untouched and most massive Saharan ergs in Morocco of the Sahara; the other one is Erg Chebbi close to the Merzouga. It is quite demanding to access; you can access it on foot, camel or 4 x 4. The Erg Chigaga is less visited as compared to the Erg Chebbi. Due to this reason, Erg Chigaga is among the most likely and beloved places by artists and purists like fine art photographers and landscape painters.


Erg Chigaga is made up of stunning dunes and situated in an area of Draa Tafilalet about 60km west of the town, itself situated about 98 km south of Zagora town. With a width of 15km and a length of 40km, some of the dunes are approximately 300 m in height; it is the wildest and largest in Morocco.


The Erg Chegaga Dunes in Morocco are the best place for the adventures of Sahara that allow the travelers and tourists to confined themselves from the lights of the city and explore themselves in the center of nowhere. Erg Chigaga is regarded as the actual Sahara desert with its unique flora and fauna and dunes of rustic color.
The journey to the Erg Chigaga is only for those individuals who wish to discover the desolate and rocky areas of Sahara. You can enjoy at Erg Chigaga through a diversity of following activities.


Numerous people prefer riding on camels as compared to walking. You can enjoy the camel ride for a minimum of half an hour and a maximum of 5 hours. It depends on you. You can enjoy the camel rides and make pictures for creating awesome memories. You can have lunch after the camel rides and get relaxed under trees close to the dunes.


Some people love to walk to make their trips memorable. For such people, walking to the highest dune is impressive. You can walk around the camp in the dunes. Before choosing the long walks, it is important to remember the way otherwise you can get lost easily. You can watch multiple things while walking like flora, fauna, insect and bird life and also the dunes according to your interests.


It is mainly a demanding activity that involves walking up a dune for about 15 minutes and then sliding down for half a minute. If you enjoy this activity, it will be enormous fun. You can also practice your beloved sports game and start surfing in the sand.


You can find an area for peace and relaxation every evening close to the top of the dunes. It is a fit place for watching the sunset and absorbs yourself in the serenity and placidity of this place.
Other than these activities, different individuals enjoy a picnic at the oasis, games involving cycling, cooking, and musical entertainment. Just pay a visit to the peaceful Erg Chigaga to enjoy the tranquility of this place.

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