Reasons to Choose Morocco Holidays

Morocco Holidays

When there are so many types of holidays that you can choose from, you really have to wonder why you may go to Morocco and not other places. Obviously, there are lots of things we see on TV and online that the country is a vibrant tourist destination and with an extraordinary culture. But as soon as you get there you get to experience all of that firsthand and it’s nothing short of amazing every time. The location is unique, you have lots of activities to explore and the features themselves are among some of the best no matter the situation.

When you go with our Morocco travel agency you can easily access the best Morocco Holidays packages all-inclusive that you can always rely on. This can really make your Morocco tours a lot more interesting and exciting than ever before. On top of that, there are a plethora of things to see and experience, and the payoff itself can be among some of the best no matter what might happen.

Upon enrolling in the family holidays in Morocco you will notice that the coastline is amazing even during the winter. It’s one of those places where you can still come and enjoy a stunning coastline and cherish your time with the entire family. That’s something unique, simple, and among some of the nicest experiences that you can have or explore all the time. You do want to give it a shot and the experience will grow all the time due to that.

Then there’s also the fact that you have the Sahara Desert. We all know that this is an astounding natural wonder, the largest desert in the world and it’s just an extraordinary place to visit and see for yourself. If you go with our package that includes Morocco holidays, you will actually be able to explore the desert and also spend the night under the stars in a traditional camp. It’s a very thoughtful, unique, and nothing short of an amazing experience that you do not want to miss at all.

Our Morocco Tours Packages We offer short day trips, long holiday trips, small group excursions, Camel Trek, and private tours. Our services allow you to explore Morocco’s most beautiful places for a one-of-a-kind and jaw-dropping experience! Our excursions through the Sahara Desert in Morocco

The cuisine in Morocco is different when compared to other countries too. The food here is rather spicy and yes, there are many natural spices here that you can’t find anywhere else. Which makes every food a lot more interesting as you never really know what to expect all the time. It’s definitely different, exciting, and unique, so you do want to check it out and give it a try in a creative and unique manner.

Local history is always a great thing to cherish and appreciate at the same time. The country has a wonderful local history and tons of interesting buildings as well as museums that you want to check out and enjoy. It’s something different, and you will like it a lot just because it’s so distinctive and fun. If you like wonderful and exciting things to do, then this is definitely something to explore and you should totally keep it in mind. Morocco has everything you want and so much more from a cultural perspective. And rest assured that even if you know some stuff about the country, there’s a whole lot more to learn when you visit the country and that alone just makes a world of a difference to say the least.

Enjoy your Holidays in Morocco

Morocco is a popular tourist attraction due to its cool winters, hot summers, semi-arid climate and cool breezes on the coast. This country is an excellent combination of interesting elements from the Middle East, Europe and Africa. Whether it's a lively bitch, a desert adventure or a beautiful beach,

Morocco Family Holidays

Thanks to a dose of culture, scenery and the world's best spice markets, museums, tombs and stunning architecture, Morocco is a fantastic country to vacation. A vacation to Morocco is all-inclusive with on-site restaurants, the best pools and views within reach. Morocco is a true paradise in every way in terms of natural beauty and beautiful beaches.

Morocco is an excellent destination for a cheaper family vacation and marrakech desert tours offers a comprehensive service to our valued travelers. Due to cool weather conditions throughout the year, people can visit Morocco with their families. marrakech desert trip is highly motivated and aims to help families enjoy their tour with full pride and a luxurious stay. We take care of tourists according to their preferences and age group, so this tour will be the most amazing of their life.

Morocco Beach Holidays

Morocco has a coastline of about 1,200 miles and parts of it are almost untouched. We provide high-quality services to take our tourists to this beautiful beach for a luxury tour. Despite how many tours you can do in your life, we always try to make this tour the best and the most memorable. Most beaches in Morocco have plenty of sunshine with cool weather and conditions, so the idea of ​​a beach vacation in Morocco is great for enjoying natural beauty and the great outdoors.

Beach excursions in Morocco are ideal for adventure lovers as there are many striking and stunning stretches of coastline that are completely intact. On these beaches, tourists can enjoy the night under the stars and have the best unforgettable experiences. We provide the perfect guide for visiting these places so tourists can enjoy a stress-free stay and vacation on the Moroccan coast.

The Moroccan coast is the ideal destination for romantic honeymoon, family trips and business gatherings. The city is a fun and amazing place to explore and relax.

Cheap Morocco Holidays

The nomadic tribe, the snake tamer, the camel, the desert sun that continues to evacuate, and exotic personifications are beautiful things that most tourists like to visit. This may come as a surprise, but the truth is that you can enjoy all these things at least for an affordable price by using our service. We offer cheap holidays in Morocco at competitive prices, ensuring comfort and quality of service for tourists.

Morocco Holidays Packages

marrakech desert tours offers the best packages for tourists to visit these beautiful places at affordable prices. We also offer services to tailor packages to your needs, demands and budget availability. Our team is made up of highly dedicated professionals and we want to make this tour the best experience of your life.

Luxury Morocco Holidays

Morocco's major cities are full of intrigue, culture and history, as well as the best places to explore. Tourists can visit Morocco any time of the year and there is no bad time to visit this city. During spring the temperatures are moderate, the scenery is lush, the scenery is perfect and the walks. The weather is relatively calm all year round and is suitable for various events and festivals.

Finishing a journey through Morocco with the help of our quality services is the best choice for enjoying a luxurious vacation in Morocco. We offer a reality-based calendar so tourists can decide what to see and visit in Morocco. There are many music festivals and international sports competitions where tourists can enjoy the perfect mix of cultures.

We offer our services to help you find luxury lodgings, restaurants and vehicles to visit amazing places. Our experienced, knowledgeable and friendly guides always accompany tourists to provide the best service and guidance for the place. Thanks to our high-quality service, we offer a timeless traditional and modern stay in Morocco. Depending on the tastes of travelers, we offer an extraordinary range of luxury hotels in Morocco, and the comfort of our valued guests is our top priority.

This luxury Moroccan holiday is a great factor and tourists can enjoy a wide variety of dishes along with a comfortable stay and visit amazing places. Since luxury lodging is rather expensive, we guarantee that every penny spent for this purpose is worth it and that travelers receive excellent service in return.

Our choice is a great solution because we offer unlimited luxury service, heated rooms and indoor pools, and air-conditioned rooms depending on weather conditions, exceptional attention and reliable customer service. These hotels are very close to the airport and outbound activities are very safe.

Morocco Holidays Packages

marrakech desert tours is a travel agency with years of professional experience and we offer excellent packages for various travel destinations in Morocco. We are determined to provide travelers comfort, as well as excellent service for your stay and visit in Morocco.

Our packages include family vacation packages, honeymoon and group packages. We can customize packages according to the number of family members and their age group. marrakech desert tours is designed to provide a unique and beautiful experience for travelers who wish to explore the beauty of Morocco.

In order to make your tour hassle-free and as comfortable as possible, we will provide you with all the necessary knowledge and basic information on your desired destination. Morocco is a country known for its interesting landscapes and ancient cultural history. We provide bespoke tour guides with interesting and important information to keep travelers updated during the tour. We'll also show you how travelers can respect others during their travels.

Morocco Desert Holidays

The Moroccan desert is a top tourist destination and we provide exceptional service so that tourists can enjoy their vacation in the Moroccan desert. We are inspired by love for our valued travelers and our team shares the best travel secrets for a comfortable and safe stay. We strive to provide friendly, authentic, honest and reliable service so that our customers can have more of an experience.

We are an internationally recognized and well-established adventurous travel company. We are experienced and highly specialized passengers around the world and skillfully select the needs of our valued customers. We organized desert adventure tours as well as great outdoor activities. We offer private tours with knowledgeable, friendly, English-speaking and experienced drivers and drivers, and air-conditioned vehicles. If you want to customize a tour to your specifications, we can offer our services for your exciting experience.

Holidays to Morocco All-inclusive

Morocco is running out, its style, historical and cultural wonders are so amazing that tourists can't take their eyes off it. We offer all services including covered terraces, large pools, international buffets, children's pool, marble flooring.

Because Morocco is an intoxicating blend of aromatic spices, rich colors, stunning scenery and beautiful beaches, we offer a comprehensive strategy for enjoying your vacation in Morocco. A complete vacation in Morocco is the perfect choice to enjoy touring in your spare time. Unlike other services, marrakech desert tours offers a full range of services, including larger and higher quality vacations, and guests can enjoy tours at their own pace and choice. This service also includes drinks, food, driver and car fees.

We also offer our valuable deals and tips for finding the best and cheapest flights to Morocco. It doesn't matter which part of the world you visit Morocco, we always give you our valuable offer to get good affordable flights. Our team members will pick you up from the airport and will be happy to assist you.

Travelers can also contact us to plan tours and learn about popular tourist destinations. We are very friendly during the procedure and guarantee there will be no complaints during the tour. We offer services tailored to the tastes and age groups of travelers so they can enjoy travel in their own way.

Many tourists from all over the world visit Morocco, so it's the perfect way to interact with people from different backgrounds and make more friends. Planning your tour with marrakech desert tours is the best opportunity to experience Moroccan traditions, culture, art, music and festivals. Our team of very dedicated and professionals is very motivated and friendly to welcome tourists and help them get to know this beautiful country. So if you are planning to enjoy your vacation in Morocco, give us a call and take a fantastic tour.

Holidays Guide of Morocco

Like every other country, Morocco has its national holidays. Apart from these national holidays, there are also several religious holidays. They are mostly Muslim because the majority of the population of Morocco is Muslim. Here we take you to a complete guide to holidays celebrated with great public union. These official holidays are associated with their traditions, history and religion.

Religious Holidays 

Morocco is considered a large Muslim country as nearly 93% of its population is Muslim. Thus, Islamic religious holidays are celebrated with joy and beautiful unity. There are also some vacations that are not about happiness. They remember some of the prophets who gave their lives in the name of Islam and embraced Shahada. All religious holidays are listed below and are also discussed in detail.

Id Sgir

It is a public religious holiday for Muslims. During the full month of Ramadan, Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset. This exercise is carried out all over the world for a month. The date of this oath is determined by the month, because the Islamic month starts with a new moon. After fasting for 29 or 30 days, Muslims look for a new moon.

After seeing the moon in the month of Shawwal and finding enough people to see the moon for themselves, they declare that tomorrow will be an oath. This night is also celebrated thanks to their god and there is happiness in the middle. People cook and distribute sweets tonight and swear by. The day begins with a special Eid prayer and everyone is wearing new clothes and people pray for the betterment of humanity. Almost every business on Eid is closed and people share the joy with friends and family gatherings. People of all ages and all, poor or rich, are happily united on this day because that day has religious values. People follow the principles of sharing and caring.

Eid Kabir Eid-al-Adha 

This oath is celebrated in memory of the sacrifices of Prophet Ibrahim and Prophet Ismail. In the 10th Dzul-Hijjah, Muslims sacrifice certain animals. The day begins with a special prayer held in a large gathering where the people are dressed in new clothes. Only goats, cows and camels are sacrificed in memory of the greatest sacrifice of our prophets. At this oath, every business is closed and people cook the meat of the sacrificial animals. This oath also teaches lessons on unity and brotherhood, for meat is especially offered to the poor. Family and friends collect and cook meat in various forms for dinner and dinner.

Eid Al Mawlid Prophet Muhammad`s Birthday 

This oath is celebrated as a surrender of faith and a prophet. Unlike Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha, there is no special prayer for this Eid. Usually people pray for their prophet and several events and celebrations take place on the streets, including religious music screenings. There are also several shops that have special sales that day.

Fatih Muharram Islamic New Year 

Muslims celebrate their Islamic New Year on the first Muharram. Official holidays are practiced in Morocco. This day is celebrated in large gatherings or in mosques where people pray for their religious verses and pray for their prophet. On the 10th of Muharram, Muslims spend this day as an event of mourning and praying for their prophets and umma as several prophets have accepted the creed at that time.

National Holidays

After discussing religious holidays, let's discuss the national holidays that are celebrated in Morocco

Independence Manifesto Day  

In the 17th century, Morocco was ruled by other countries. These rulers changed over time, but a manifesto was filed on January 11, 1944 calling for complete independence as a nation. Today is an important date in Morocco's struggle for independence. This day is celebrated as a national holiday.

New Year`s Day   

As New Year is celebrated all over the world, January 1 is an official holiday in Morocco every year for almost all businesses, the general public and schools.

Independence Day  

Morocco was ruled by various countries from the 17th century to the mid-20th century. In 1956, on November 18, Morocco finally became independent from all previous rulers. This day is celebrated as a national holiday in memory of their heroes of the past, whose sacrifices brought Morocco to an independent state.

Labor Day 

It is also an official holiday, as in other countries around the world. Where we pay tribute to American workers who have campaigned for workers' rights around the world.

Throne Day 

July 30 is celebrated annually in Morocco as Throne Day. It is celebrated in memory of King Mohammed V's ascension to the throne. On that day the king gave a speech to his people and parliament.

Oued Ed-Dahab Day 

It is practiced as an official holiday for the general public and commemorates the return of the Oued Ed-Dahab region to Morocco. This holiday falls on August 14 every year.

Revolution day

This day is celebrated on the 20th of August every year. It is also known as the Day of Kindness and People's Revolution. Celebrating Sultan Mohammed V.

Youth day

It was celebrated immediately after revolution day. This makes the national day a two-day public holiday and is celebrated to commemorate the birthday of Sultan Mohammed V.

Green March day

The Green March is a national holiday in Morocco and marks the anniversary of parades that began on that day in 1975.

It is a list of all official holidays. Here you can see that most of the holidays celebrated in Morocco are religious in nature or celebrated in memory of historical events relating to their leaders, victims of their society or their traditions.

Morocco Desert Tours

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