Tips on What to Pack Before a Tour to Morocco

Before a Tour to Morocco

When traveling to Morocco one often wonders what to pack. Some people worry about safety and forget things that are important. Morocco is actually quite safe and it is doubtful that something will be stolen from you. People sometimes forget the most obvious things and end up regretting them. From personal experience, here are some of the most important things you should take with you on your tour.

One thing you should take with you is your bathing suit, especially if you are planning a fancier tour. Most of the nicer hotels and riads in Morocco have beautiful clean pools for your enjoyment. The weather in Morocco is hot in summer and when you travel to the Sahara the desert is always warm and sunny.

Another important thing for your trip to Morocco is a camera. Morocco is not known for its theft and you and your electronic devices need to be protected from unwanted hands. Morocco is also a beautiful place and it is known that many people fill up their entire camera memory cards! There are so many beautiful sceneries that you can use your camera to capture a moment that you will never forget. Whether it's medina shopping or riding a camel, these memories will stay with you forever.

The right clothes are always beautiful wherever you go. The weather in Morocco changes drastically with the seasons, so it's always good to be prepared. Contrary to popular belief, winter in Morocco is very cold and it will snow in many places. Most people believe that Morocco will never cool off in Africa, especially near the Sahara. Now your snowsuit is no longer needed, but a jacket will come in handy. The desert is hot no matter what season it is. Mornings can be very cold in winter, but in the morning the temperature rises significantly. Light clothing is sought after in summer. Moroccan culture has stricter ideas about modesty for women; If it bothers you, wear short sleeves and long pants. It might be good to adapt to their culture. In more modern cities like Casablanca, Rabat and Marrakech, wishes are acceptable, but shorts are not.

You can pack your computer as WiFi is very common in Morocco. If you have a computer with you, it might be a good idea to use it rarely as this is for vacation, not business. You only have to pay a few dirhams to get on the internet and the better hotels and restaurants offer this for free.

Another thing to watch out for is your double ended round plug adapter. Morocco does not have square or triple jagged plugs. Note that the adapter does not change the current. Even if you have the right adapter, you will need a transformer to convert it to 220. It would be a shame to destroy a device by plugging in the wrong power.

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