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Zagora is a city known for some international events such as Nomads Festival and Zagora Marathon. Its name was elected due to Zagora Mountain. Zagora city is surrounded by this mountain and remains of Almoravid mosque structures are seen on it. In the twentieth century, Zagora city was incorporated exclusively in European Maps.


Zagora town built in the 20th century. It is located within Draa valley in Draa-Tafilalet region and southeastern part of Morocco. The exact position of the Almoravid mosque is still not finalized and under consideration. People speak most Languages in Zagora Tamazight, Moroccan Arabic, Tachelhit, etc.


There are various activities you can do. Many visitors from around the world came here to visit and see the historical remains and signs left in this deserted town. So described below are some of the activities to do in Zagora.


In comparison with other pleasing desert towns, Zagora does not provide genuinely delightful desert scenery but is useful for youngsters and family tours to learn something about the past. The three-night trips with limited time take you to each Zagora place and nearby located Chebbi which is a scenic and beautiful scenic town.


When you get ready to stock up for your desert, you can pay the easy worth by choosing your fruits, vegetables and other essential things in a bowl. Banter’s present around is brilliant and honest. Chicken and related edibles are fresh and delicious, so you don’t have to worry in this regard.


This valley presents beautiful and lovely scenery. There is a dehydrated stream, and you can comfortably ride among palm, endemic and bushes trees. Views are restricted to some extent as the roads are not higher than the natural depressions and beautiful palms. It is a nice place but nothing delightful on the serene because of the natural cavities on the east to the road to west in Tafrout.


Zagora town flanked with Zagora Mountain contain a lot of ancients signs and remains. Some of the homes are demolished, but some still exist and inhabited also. There are also underground towns through which desert caravans move into and out of Zagora. There are Roman ruins of Volubilis through which you can learn and inspect about Meknes and Fes. These huge remains are about 40-45 minutes walking distance from the Zagora city.


The water fountains in Zagora presents pleasing and eye-catching scenery. There is a lot of flowering, vegetation and cool swimming baths. There are many beautiful gardens; the ground is pretty though full of colorful flowers, large rooms, lovely cottages with public nicely clean toilets. The quietness and calm between the desert and roads are quite phenomenal. A night stop there will be stunning in fabulous Moroccan destinations
So if you visit the city Zagora you will enjoy by doing certain activities as discussed above. You’ll learn about the past culture by inspecting remains or signs still present in some places of Zagora.

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