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Morocco is one of the most magnificent touristic destinations in Northern Africa. A country with its own unique sort of magic, distinguished architecture, and wonderful beaches, all of these reasons draw the attention of tourists from all over the world to travel to Morocco. We offer a wide range of tours to Morocco in order to fulfill the needs and requirements of all our guests. We have the private guided tours with all their advantages and benefits like Private Morocco Tours, luxury tours for those who wish to spend a class A vacation, small groups' tours, and Morocco escorted bus tours for the budget travelers who wish to have a super holiday.


What is common in all these packages to Morocco is that the guests would enjoy exploring the most magnificent monuments, attractions, and resorts of Morocco. If we take a look at Morocco in comparison to many other touristic destinations around the world, we will find out that the country has too many wonderful cities to explore. We begin by the capital of the Moroccan Kingdom. Rabat is one of the biggest cities in Africa. Our guests who enjoy their vacations in Morocco would have many places to explore in Rabat. The highlights of the Moroccan capital include Kasbah of the Udayas, a historical fortress that dates back to the 11th century, restored and renovated in the Moorish period in the 17th century, and today it turned out to be a wonderful site explored by many travelers who tour Morocco. In Rabat, guests enjoying their trips in Morocco will also be exploring the Mohamed V Mausoleum, although constructed in contemporary times; the imposing building and architecture are quite remarkable. Located nearby, there is the Towering Minaret of Hassan, one of the oldest and most impressive minarets in Morocco.

Being 140 meters wide and 180 meters in height, constructed at the end of the 12th century, the UNESCO included it in the World Heritage Sites. While having a great holiday in Morocco, the guests would enjoy visiting Casablanca. The city has a lot to offer to tourists including the Ain Diab Kornish where many marvelous beaches and resorts are located. Casa also hosts the Mosque of Hassan II, constructed around 25 years ago, the mosque has a surface are of more than 9 acres making one of the largest and most remarkable Islamic buildings in the whole world. Moving on with their tours in Morocco, our guests would admire the greatness and the skillful architecture of Bab El Mansour Gate while they are visiting Meknes. The city also has some other amazing attractions including with its notable the ancient town of Voulibilis.

Established in the 1st century BC, the town is popular for its amazing well-preserved mosaics and many other imposing buildings and ruins. In Fes, tourists who travel to Morocco would love their visits to Al Karaouine Mosque, constructed in the 8th century, the mosque is quite notable in it architecture, decorations, and art. It is also the most ancient Islamic teaching universities in the entire globe. This is not the only outstanding Islamic monument in Fes. There is also the Madrasa Bouanania. Constructed in the middle of the 14th century, this Islamic teaching establishment and mosque is famous for its wonderful tiles’ decorations and architectural arts. Going on with their trips to Morocco, the guests would be then visiting Marrakech, the third imperial city of the kingdom. Marrakech has some magnificent places to visit including the Kotoubia Minaret. Built in the 12th century, the mosque had a huge surface area of 5300 meters. The only remaining section of the mosque is the huge minaret. Marrakech hosts the Saadi’s Tombs as well displaying some quite impressive decorations and architecture that date back to the 16th and 17th centuries.

The Highlights of 10 Day Majestic Morocco Private Tour

The Highlights of 10 Day Majestic Morocco Private Tours is one of the most remarkable packages we offer for our guests who wish to enjoy their vacations in Morocco. Away from the advantages of enjoying a private tour where everything would be customized to meet your needs, requirements, and wishes, this tour offers an amazing blend of all the most important highlights of Morocco. The Hassan II Mosque in Located on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea in Casablanca, El Hassan II Mosque is the largest in Africa, and among the biggest mosques in the whole world.

The mosque is featured with its Andalusian style minaret that is 210 meters in height. Most of the tours to Morocco would often include a visit to the Mosque of Hassan II. The Hassan II Mosque was built in 1993 after five years of intensive construction works. The huge surface area of the mosque is incredible. The prayer area for example can accommodate up to 25,000 prayers. This is in addition to another 80,000 in the open courtyard of the mosque. This is in addition to its distinctive decorations and architecture that grab the attention of many tourists who spend their holidays in Morocco desert tours. Mohamed V Square The Mohamed V Square is the heart of Casablanca. This square had many names in the past that included the Victory Square, the Administrative Square, The United Nations Square, and then finally the Mohamed V Square.

A visit to the square is a must for any traveler who tours Morocco. The location of the square was where the European first came into the city in 1907. The importance of the square comes from its magnificent design that blends the Moorish and the Arabian outlines. This is in addition to many impressive buildings that several tourists who travel to Morocco are fond of. Oudaya Kasbah The Oudaya Kasbah is one of the most remarkable monuments of Rabat, the capital of Morocco. This impressive complex was actually a fortified citadel that was constructed by the Moravids Dynasty and it greatly flourished during the ruling period of Almohad Dynasty in the 12th century. However, the complex was abandoned after the decline of Almohads.

The complex witnessed a huge development afterwards when the Moorish took control of it in the 17th century and constructed most of the buildings tourists who visit Morocco view today. When the Alawites dynasty took control of the country they carried out some large renovation and rebuilding works in the Kasbah in the 18th century. Today the Kasbah is featured by its fortified walls, its huge gate, and the ancient mosque, the Alawites Palace. This is in addition to many other constructions that attract a lot of tourists who enjoy their vacations in Morocco.

Mohamed V Mausoleum and the Towering Minaret of Hassan Featured with its marvelous white marble and its green tiles, a large number of travelers who tour Morocco visit the Mausoleum of Mohamed V and admire its wonderful architecture. The mausoleum of Mohamed V was constructed in 1971 and the king was buried there in 1999. Located near the mausoleum, the Towering Minaret of Hassan is one of the most distinctive monuments of Morocco. Constructed in the 12th century, the minaret is included in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The minaret is often included in many travel packages to Morocco, The Minaret has a distinctive square shape and it is characterized by its height being 44 meters. It has an inner entrance that leads inside the minaret with six chambers that are featured with magnificent decorations and ornaments that date back to the styles of the 12th and 13th centuries. Many tourists who travel to Morocco explore these wonderful monuments of the country.

Make your tour to Morocco an unforgettable experience with a well reputed tour service provider

Situated on the western tip of Africa Morocco is one of the most fascinating places to visit for a vacation or a holiday retreat. Morocco beckons all people who are looking for an amazing vacation experience that is filled with adventures and beautiful sight seeing. Those business executives or professionals who want to get free from the boredom and drudgery of their works and immerse themselves in the bountiful natural beauty of mesmerising landscapes will find Morocco as an ideal place to visit. Known for its attractive landscapes which comprise mountains, beaches, deserts and long coastlines, Morocco is also a melting pot for varied cultures that include a blend of Arab, Berber or indigenous African and other European influences.

No wonder Morocco attracts millions of tourists from far and wide who throng here to explore this wonderful country. If you are planning for morocco adventure tours and desire to spend your vacation along with your family or friends in Morocco then you must avail services of a leading tour operator that can meet your customised needs and requirements in a cost effective and seamless way. Morocco has many things to offer to tourists of varied nature, taste and temperament. With an experienced and well reputed tour operator you can easily plan your tour itinerary and enjoy your visit to Morocco with your family or friends. Being a diverse country filled with majestic palaces, interesting museums, mouth-watering cuisine and large expanses of stunning natural landscapes Morocco can provide you amazing and unforgettable experience. Whether you like mountain trekking or relax yourself on beaches or enjoy a multitude of Moroccan dishes you can easily get the same from private morocco tours.

Likewise if you are looking for Morocco Desert Tours or want to get erg chigaga camel treks then you must select an experienced tour operator who will meet your specific needs and requirements in a cost effective and seamless way. You can choose from among different morocco tours packages or discuss your requirements with the experts and thus make the most of your tour to Morocco. When it comes to getting tailor made tour packages for Morocco then infinite Morocco is a leading name in this field, With over 12 years of experience in catering to the wide scale tour needs and requirements of its clients the leading tour operator Morocco Infinite will provide you the best value of money and will lead you enjoy your vacation to the utmost. So if you are planning to visit Morocco then you must leave all hassles of planning your tour to getting end to end tour services just on best morocco private tour company.



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